• Dec 2023

    Prof. Bhatele received the IEEE TCSC Award for Excellence in Scalable Computing (Mid-Career)

    Prof. Bhatele was recently honored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing with an Award for Excellence for Mid-Career Researchers.
  • Nov 2023

    Davis, Sivaraman, Minn, and Bhatele win the SC '23 Best Research Poster Award

    PSSG students, Josh Davis, Pranav Sivaraman, and Isaac Minn received the Best Research Poster award for their work titled, "Evaluating Performance Portability of GPU Programming Models".
  • Nov 2023

    Bhatele, Goldstein, and Menon receive a 750k node-hour INCITE allocation award

    Prof. Bhatele, Prof. Tom Goldstein, and Dr. Harshitha Menon have received a competitive INCITE allocation award from the Department of Energy for scaling distributed AI training, and democratizing AI by training large open-source models.
  • Jun 2023

    ICS '23 paper on Large-scale Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) Training

    Siddharth Singh presented recent work on a hybrid tensor-expert-data parallel framework for training MoEs at ICS 2023. The full paper is available here.
  • May 2023

    PSSG presents tutorial on Distributed Deep Learning at ISC '23

    Abhinav Bhatele and Siddharth Singh presented a tutorial on "Distributed Training of Deep Neural Networks" at ISC 2023 on Sunday (May 21, 2023).
  • May 2023

    Two paper presentations at IPDPS '23 by PSSG students

  • Jul 2022

    Prof. Bhatele promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

    Prof. Bhatele has been granted early tenure and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor, effective July 1, 2022.
  • May 2022

    Onur Cankur presents profiling tools comparison at ISC '22

    Our paper on evaluation of call graph generation by profiling tools will be presented at ISC 2022. The full paper is available here.
  • May 2022

    Two IPDPS '22 papers to be presented by PSSG students

    Siddharth Singh will present our work on AxoNN - a parallel framework for large scale deep learning, and Daniel Nichols will present our work on RUSH - a framework that addresses performance variability with machine learning and a novel scheduling algorithm at IPDPS '22.
  • Apr 2022

    PSSG's Josh Davis awarded NSF GRFP

    Josh Davis, a first year PhD student in our group, has been awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
  • May 2021

    PSSG's Joy Kitson awarded DOE CSGF

    Joy Kitson, a first year PhD student in our group, has been awarded the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. Read more.
  • Feb 2021

    Prof. Bhatele receives NSF CAREER award

    Prof. Bhatele has received the NSF CAREER award to develop innovative methods for optimizing the performance of parallel applications and runtimes, and the operational efficiency of supercomputers and HPC clusters.
  • Sep 2020

    Cluster '20 Paper on Machine Learning for Tuning MPI Collective Performance

    Our paper with Sascha Hunold (TU Wien) and others on using machine learning to predict MPI collective performance was presented at IEEE Cluster in September 2020.
  • Jun 2020

    ICS '20 Paper on Modeling GPU Performance

    Our work with Jaemin Choi and Sanjay Kale (University of Illinois), and David Richards (LLNL) on modeling the end-to-end performance of GPU codes was presented virtually at ICS 2020. The full paper is available here.